Some Love Doesnt Have An End

There are some love stories which dont have an end as the torch of love is carried by someone who wishes to love the way you do.

an example as follows

there was this girl who used to work in a nearby office and i found my colleague infatuated with her. He would endlessly wait to catch a glimpse and i would ask him to focus on work.

one fine day i decided to help this guy out

i started being with this guy and now he had me as a company. the girl would come and go from the office. She used to notice us and then she began noticing me more.

the friend felt i had become his competition and said as i am his senior; he would let go the girl.

i smiled and said 'what is not yours nor mine; how can we decide on that entity's fate'

till one the girl was seen in a mixed state of expression in her face. her brother had come to pick her up. She loudly murmerred looking towards me
'you missed the chance and incase you wish to convey someone your love; you need to express it at the earliest'

My friend looked at me and said 'next time i wont inform you of my infatuation'

i said to him 'if you love someone who doesnt love you then only way to get to outcome fast is to speak out the mind at the earliest.

my friend started working with same zeal again and i got relaxed as my work was getting completed in time

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May 20, 2012