The object of My Affection

The first time i Met the owner of my lonely heart I was 4 and he was 11.

He lived up the street and I remember thinking he was really cute but his family moved away. Fast forward 16 years and I run into him again, at my place of employment at that time, he was dating my coworker. He had grown to be more handsome then i could of even imagined but we were both in relationships at the time so nothing came of it. Two years later by fate our paths cross again. This time we keep in touch, start talking and before i knew it we were talking for hours on the phone every single day.

He had just ended a bad relationship and I was in one. We helped eachother threw an incrediably difficult time  and Over the last three years have become the best of friends...That is until six months ago when we took a deep friendship to the next level and made it into a commited relationship. I love him with all my heart and I am certian that he is the one but after two perfect months together of complete and totally happiness, he ended things with no explaination as to why...I havent seen him in six months And the worst part is not only did i lose the only man I will ever truely love whole heartedly , I also lost my bestfriend.

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In 2 friends in 2 relationships in 2 getting marryed who knows I was the same way I like a boy when I was 6 years old and he was 8 years old, it started 2 be boy friend and girl friend and he only liked me for my looks and He cheated and we was not friends any more or boy friend and girl friends sooo I see him every now and then but we act like we was not Bf and Gf