Soooo. Most of you here -I'm assuming, so if I'm wrong sorry- are talkin about your partners. I'm talking about my brother. Technically speaking, he's my cousin, but before my brother came along he was like my twin. For the sake I this story I'll call him Kota. Soooo he has three brothers, one 17 one 12 and he/I are the same age. We have always been really close, and I can honestly say I
love him like my brother(maybe sometimes more than my brother). However, in recent years he's started to become meaner and bulky me in a way, or hurt me(not physically!) though perhaps he's unaware.

Kota is like my rival/best friend so there's nooooo way I'm going to give up on him. Ever. But right now, he's a violent video game obsessed teen who somehow hurts me more than my broken leg did back in '08. An example: this year June holidays my family is going to the UK/Paris, which for people in Asia is a pretty coveted holiday location. Kota promised to follow us, but about a week back changed his mind. I felt so hurt! Ive been trying to convince him the entire week and he just won't budge. He doesnt even have a reason why he doesn't want to go. (any ideas for helping convince him btw). He claimed that I hated him, which I immediately told him wasn't true.

Pathetic as it sounds, Kota is everything to me T.T helppppppppp.
Ryta Ryta
1 Response May 22, 2012

sounds like there is sometype of jealously issue, sibling rivalry is very common between brothers and cousins... it may be just a fase only time can tell good luck