For Better Or For Worse

I'm a shy person; I can be really quiet or become 'boring' and it turns some people off. So I'm horrible when it comes to talking to guys. But I'm no fool; if the guy is rude or does not respect me, I will know and immediately avoid. But there is this one guy, whose name I will change to Aaron, who is really funny, outgoing and nice. There isn't a lot of guys left around like him. Also as a bonus, he is a handsome native :) I have liked this guy for 3 years, but I know he doesn't and probably won't ever feel the same for me. We don't talk much and usually hang out with our group of friends. I'm too shy to speak to him more forwordly and don't want to reveal that I like him more than a friend. I'm not physically attractive, so that also ruins my chances. All I can do is sneak glances at him and hope for him to be happy with whoever has the lucky chance at being in a relationship with him. I need to let my feelings for him go, and I was on my way to it, but then he smiled at me today with that charming and adorable smile that just made me like him even more. Fate is a tad cruel.
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1 Response May 22, 2012

I feel for you.....I am stuck in the exact same situation. I've known my crush for almost 3 years. I met him at working and he just has a very charming smile...a smile that could light up a room. I'm also a shy person, though friendly and we don't talk much either. He's single and every now and then checks up on me and my whereabouts. I sneak glances and occassionally our eyes meet. I know he would not be interested to anything more than a friend, but wouldn't it be nice if he just knew what i was thinking!!

So guys act like that even if your already grown up, i'm saying because i'm in highschool, and he probably likes you because you sound like a nice person. I had a somewhat similar situation, but i don't think i handled it very well. I wish you the best though!