And So The Tears Still Fall...

It's been 7 days now since I last talk to him. You know the one from my From A Boy, To A Man, To My Heart post. We had recently been flirting and hinting around to another encounter. The week before we went to lunch and I really wasn't in the mood for that plus I had to go to work after lunch. He texted me when I left his house and asked me if I want to come back. I told him no I had to work. Then later I text him and asked him to make time for me because I was coming over after work. Well, when the time came he told he was out with his brother. I didn't believe him. I could check his messages and phone records and I saw that he hadnt even talk to his brother. Oh well he blew me off. Well 7 days ago I tried again. I called him and asked could I come over. He knew what I meant by that.I wanted to come make passionate love to him. I had just got off of work and I thought how nice it would be to just be with him one more time. Well he ignored my text, he ignored my call. I was sooo pissed I text him this message after seeing he wasn't about to respond:

"Feelings hurt ....not sure what u think of me. But ignoring me tells me something. Im a good person. Im sorry for coming at you sexually. It wont happen again. It seems I made bad choices as to where to put my feelings. Feelings I asked u to help me sort out a month ago. Yeah And yes I know the reasons for me to let this go and not come at you like that so I will. I get the big picture now. Sitting in my ride tripping....what was I thinking. Anyway. but reality is you mean more to me than a **** and always will. I just ask that no matter what you will always love me and remember me for who I have been in your life. Im worth more as a friend and family to you than anything else. Ttyl"

And his response was "I wasn't ignoring, I was sleep because I knew I had to get up in the morning". Bull...He was on his phone texting and had a 24min call shortly after I called and text him.

I haven't talk to him since then. 7 whole days and I been crying everyday. Wondering how someone I love so much could be the cause of so much sorrow within me. I refuse to call him. I know I need to get over him. I am dating another guy but it's not going well in my opinion, he is not attentive and seem unconcerned about what I need as a woman.Not to mention the fact that it's a little unfair to this guy I am dating because I still have feelings for the one.

I find myself shedding tears throughout the day about him. Just wondering what I did that pushed him away....I am trying to moving on but it's hard. I need to maybe start focusing on things to better myself and more of just accepting things as they are. I know that I shouldn't want to call him. Should I call him? Should I?...
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I like what you wrote.

Your simply beautiful

Time is all it takes, time , in time you will be get better.... Thumbs ub...