Just One Love

I always know I was a nerd and boys at school would call me "ugly", too. When I like someone, it was (mostly) never because of their looks and I always fell too hard. I liked three guys (and still do for two of them), but they never liked me back.

I thought I was in love with the first guy. I liked his smile and humour and he was really clever and quick. However, two other girls liked him, too and they made rumours about me to get closer to the guy. The guy turned out to be really mean and he went along with the rumours.

I didn't really think about my second crush at first, but I slowly liked him more and more. He was charming and always acted like a gentlemen. The thing that I liked most about him was the fact that he was always truthful and we could discuss anything. However, he was always flirting and/or joking with other girls and I was pretty sure he liked somebody else. I moved schools after a while and we never saw each other again (I don't have fb or anything like that). This girl I know still talks to his friend and says he likes another girl now. I still kind of like him.

I don't think I really like my third crush. I like the fact that he is mysterious and serious, but at the same time is funny and creative. However, he tries to hard sometimes and is an overachiever. We don't really talk (not that I really talked to the other two). I go to a "gifted" school so there isn't that many guys that aren't interested in Pokemon (I'm not that type of nerd) and most of them talk to the popular girls. I feel like I have no one that can truly understand me and so I like him, but not really.
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2 Responses May 28, 2012

dont worry everything happens for a reason .. :) some day u will find someone worth all of this ! Amen to that

Don't frustrate yourself over those stuff...Your are beautiful and cute...and as far as i know someday, you will meet that better guy. Your still young..^_^