When Your Not Loved...

I was with someone for five plus years he pursued me not the other way around. Finally I gave in I wish I could go back to that day. One we started living together it was all fined then he started cheating on me he would tell his friends it was I who pursued him well I got tired of his lying and reminded him of the truth. We use to have so much fun at first I can not tell you where it went wrong. One day I told him I loved him well he told me he didn't love me and he did not inted to be with me that long and he would never love me. I was speechless I did not know what to say. So I told him I would move out but everytime it came time for me to move he find reason for me to stay and being stupid I did. I cant explain why I stayed as long as I did. He finally decided he wanted to cheat on me again which was fine because we weren't having sex and I If the sex was like it was with me trust me I had nothing to b jealous of when we were active we would have movie night and by the time the openin credits were thru so was he so good luck to her. But what is it that makes us stay with someone who we know for a fact doesn't love us. But why want they let go either. I did not want this relationship to end ugly. At first it is hard to sit up at night and know that your man is out there having sex with another woman. I could have chose to go out and have an affair but I didn't toward the very end of our eight year relationship I ask him why are we together you don't love me and never will just let me go. How can you be with someone that long living as a family we did wonderful things what was so wrong with me that I could not be loved..Why was I not good enough WHY
keeaser keeaser
41-45, F
Apr 13, 2007