I Loved Someone That Didn't Love Me

Once upon a time I loved someone that wouldn't love me back. It all started the summer before freshmen yr of high school. I met this new guy and he was everything I had dreamed of, gorgous, funny, out going, and someone that was really easy to talk to and hang out with. I tried like hell to get him to want me, but no matter what i did he didn't want that. he just wanted to be friends, so i agreed and he and i became best friends, which for me was almost everything i wanted, we we're close hung out and did just about everything together. but during this whole time i was still in love. How could i get over this person, i had no clue. So as we grew up and our louves changed we tried to keep in touch and do the same hang out party etc.. And one day about 6-7 yrs ago, he and i found each other again and we started hanging out on an everyday basis. well one thing turned into another and one night we we're intamate with each other. Something i wish never happened, because every since that happened out friendship has gone down the drain we never talk and in fact we can't stand to be around each other. And all this I loved this person who refused to ever love me back. But now that I have a life of my own and have moved one, been married going on 3 yrs this october and expecting our first baby, Now the guy I once was in love with wants me to want him. Sorry about his luck I let him go years ago.


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1 Response Jun 1, 2008

Man that was a really depressing story. High school was full of those for me. But it doesn't always turn out sour like that. Sometimes friends who have a relationship end up having far better relationships than anyone else. Life is about change...whether its from friends to enemies, or friends to lovers, or lovers to enemeis....or even enemies to lovers. I am sorry for you it became friends to lovers to aquaintences. But as long as you are happy in your life now, that is all that matters.