"Sorry But You're Just Not My Type." Ouch.

He was a friend of mine. And during a drinking session, I foolishly confessed my feelings for him. We agreed to be civil and pretend that that night of revelation never happened. But it was never the same between us after that. Common friends got wind of that incident and because he and I were both single at that time, they thought we could be together. But instead he told me that I cannot be any more than his pal... and that I am not his type. It was such a big blow on my ego. I am yet to recover from it actually.
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1 Response Apr 16, 2007

Hey hun, trust me when I say I completely understand... You can read my story and see that we are in the same boat (maybe I am even worse). The only thing I can suggest is spending as little time with him as possible if you can. That is the only way to really let someone go. When you don't spend so much time with someone you think about them less and less. So try it and see what happens. The bottom line is the only way his feelings may change is seeing what life is like without you. If he doesn't change his mind then at least you have not spent time crying over spilled milk. Best of Luck!!!