He Didnt Love Me Enough

I have just broken up with the guy of my dreams. i was really suspicious and cautious goin into the relationship but he was extremely patient and he was everything i had ever wanted..it scared me..he loved me and i knew that he did..i could feel it..i finally fell for him... i always had this eery feeling..that something wasnt right , that he was hiding something...

well it turns out, a few days after i finally told him i loved him he came out with the truth.. he had been talkin to his parents since we became serious about him asking for my hand in marriage( which is traditional where we live)...apparantly his mother does not approve of me because im not egyptain like him, im foreign.

when i heard about the situation he sounded ver stressed by it and he is really close to his mom so i decided to leave as to not complicate or cause more problems...he broke up with me frst and it was really weird after tht.

he said he wanted us to be friends but he never calls me unless i contact him. he always tells me  keep in touch and that why shudnt i call him everyday and that i shud tell him everything. he defended mne when i had this problem..he stood up for me..the thing is i am trying my hardest to act like a friend but he alwasy says stuff like im really missing u and stuff..and im supposed to se him.. we werent together tht long and i think we couldve tried alot of things to convince his mother..ui think he gave up early and ive told him this.. but he says he wont try..

does this mean he doesnt love me or he just didnt love me enough,.i dont know how to act around him anymore... he says he still loves me..can anyone explain this to me?

dilseacht dilseacht
18-21, F
Apr 17, 2007