It Lasted 10 Years...

I was in love with a boy whose grandmother lives in my apartment. he used to come to visit her very often and he sometimes would stay there for days.. I was 8 years old when I fell in love with him. yea, I was very young but it was not a simple feeling. I had pains in my heart.
it continued till I started to university and met new people. our fate always tried to unite us but he couldn't manage to see me. we are at the same university now. but I understood that I have to look around and find the one who will love me. and decided not to chase someone who ignores me. then, at last, I've found the love of my life.
living something one sided and platonically makes one feel really depressed.
if something is unrequited you feel really empty and sad.

ColorMyWorld ColorMyWorld
18-21, F
Apr 20, 2007