A Bottle Full Of Shells

My gangling useless boy. This story in this group is not quite fair or true. You did love me, but you are not brave enough. Not brave enough to be the man you always wished you were.
I lay on the beach once. A tiny cove on a small island. The sand white and the sea turquoise. The sun caressing my skin and sparkling off the waves. I lay and collected the smallest of shells, so small i used the tips of my fingers to pick them up.... they lay fragile in the palm of my hand. Once home, I emptied a bottle of fairy dust and filled it full of shells . I never gave it to you, and I'm looking at it now....
You were wrong you know.
KatarinaVonSweet KatarinaVonSweet
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Wonderful imagery...<br />
Beautifully spoken words...<br />
The best part of this...are the unwritten insuiations!

Tugs at the heart strings....... x


Love is always fleeting..seems to change with the wind...

May see the great gangling one on wednesday. He doesnt deserve the shells. I deserve the shells.

Then give him the fairy dust instead!

I've still got it in a wee plastic bag. right i scatter it in his beer..... sod...... sorry...... i'm not being good i'm i?

sprinkle under his nose..the sneezing fits might be entertaining:) Take a pic for future laughs

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