Damn Ginger....

Just last night, I saw him again. Logan. I have been in love with him for two years, and cried more tears over him than any boyfriend I've had, though I'll never admit that to him. He was my best friend. For a time, I'd like to think I was his. At any rate, I was all he had. There were many nights when I would stay up all night talking to him, because he had called me, crying, and had nowhere else to turn, though i would never tell anyone that. I told him I loved him. He told me he didn't feel the same way. I accepted that, and over the next year, we grew apart. I saw him last night, and he informed me that he had never really liked me; that he didn't "hate" me, only disliked me. That I was creepy, and that he only didn't tell me sooner because he wanted to get with my best friend. He was one of the few I trusted. He was one who I had helped through too much that he could never repay, though I'd never ask him to. I got him through nights where he just wanted to die. I listened to him cry because he missed his dad. And he looked me in the eye and said that he really didn't like me. So I just kept my painted smile on, letting my nails dig into my palm, and nodded. His happiness has always come before mine for me. Why change that now?
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omygod u must have been ripped apart when u heard that!1<br />
u didnt deserve that kinda treatment at all just shows how loving and caring u are u seem like a nice person who will listen to any1 in need