I'm Dating His Brother..

i'm in love with a boy who used to love me, but because i was a stupid girl he moved on. i can't tell you how much i wish i could go back and change some of the things i did, but we all know i cant. i'm currently dating his younger (17) brother who i like alot. but i'm still soooo inlove with him. he has a girlfriend now who he said he loves.. but he used to love me so much in the summer. he would do ANYTHING i needed and he would always get me daisies. thats why daisies are my favorite flowers. he would bring me whatever i needed whenever i needed it or even if i didnt need it. i miss him and i love him. i think a part of him will always love me becuase i feel like its impossible for me to love someone this much and not be loved in return, it would be too painful. im trying to get over him.. if its meant to be itll happen but for now i need some encouragement. thanks
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I know something wiith a similar sittuation and after two couples got married she ended up back with the guy she really loves even though there both married she haad a kid with the one she matrried so now if the she would get pregnant the child would be half bro or sis or cousin ..<br />
Tell the one you u love how u feel before you end up in a tangled web like this ..<br />