My Best Friends

I have two best friends, a guy and a girl. I have loved the girl for two or so years. A few weeks ago we were talking about school and dating when she asked, "what do you look for in a girl?" Bein the idiot I am, I basically described her. I asked her "whats do you look for in a guy?" She basically described me. Then she says " me and brandon just started dateing." Brandon is my best friend and we are identical in appearance and personality. I got all happy for her, and went home and meditated on my feelings and turned into a wreck. I was so sad whenever I wasn't with people I would lay down and need to count the leaves on a tree until someone came by. Now I feel as though everything is great in life, even though just about everything has been going wrong.anyone else started to feel this way or am I going insane?
juggleninja juggleninja
13-15, M
Jul 4, 2012