Fallin In Love With Widower

im falling in love with this nice guy who lost his wife six months ago, this guy before he got married he wanted us to be in a relationship but he was not serious because of his fiance, and month ago he starting again tryin his luck and i asked him to wait eatleast until next year so he can mourn his wife properly but he thought i wasnt interested in him and then i started falling for him and whn i try to tell him he now want to take time and not ready for any relationship and i got confused, the thing is that i thought maybe next year he will not be intereted anymore that is why i decided to tell him my feelings for him but he is not in to me anymore. and its realy hard to just erase this feeling so easly

or maybe im unfair to him, maybe it was jst an excuse to forget my problems because i had a boyfriend and thing didnt turn away rite with him and this guy was there understanding and trying to respect our relationship so in the the process i decided to broke up with him, this guy was not serious with life,his ex was insulting us both because he never paid chlid maintanance,he told me he only have one child but the ex is claiming he left her while pregnant,he never talk to me about his problems, and he never fight for our affair or beg me for not leaving , he st kept quiet,telling people that he loves me n want to be with me, i dont know what to do

but i gave the widower the space he need but its hard for me not talking to him,i miss him a lot cos im lonely
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Erasing someone from your life is not as easy as walking out the door....<br />
so give him time to work out things...if he is yours ..he is...and will be back to u..all the best!!

oh damselfly, i thought so myself but you kno how denial can one be when in love and loney we tend to do crazy things, i though of doing crazy thing for him to love me, i jst wanted to give him the support he needs, i guess i must take a break my self from men, clear my head, travel, socialise<br />
but again i dont think im safe around this community because of my ex-boyfriend's e-x girlfriend,he is not the woman you can talk to, she jst this one who doent work,drink beer in the tarven,swear at people and threatened to make my life a leaving heal whenever she saw me thats one of the reasons i left m boyfriend

He's not that into you