Looking Back On An Unrequited Attraction

I feel so thankful to all the good spirits around me right now. It took me 625 days (from 16/8/2005 until today) just to try to understand why I was so drawn towards somebody usually cold and calculated in general.  I hurt my own spirit and that of my loved ones during this sad period of time.  I called on the spirits of my late parents for help.  To cut a long story short, recent events eventually unfolded for me to recognize and resolve my attraction to such a dangerous target.  I feel so thankful for just being well and happy.  May I forever be free from this kind of danger from now on.


thien thien
46-50, F
1 Response Apr 22, 2007

well, as people say, unrequited love is dangerous as it can also kill its victims. i have been through that experience to but it's good that you're now doing okay. i think it's up to you if you want to stay that way or not. it's always a matter of choice.