The Story of My Life.

Unreciprocated love just seems to be the story of my life so far even though I'm only 19, coming on for 20 this year. Three failed relationships plus countless more cases of unrequited love. I shouldn't be worrying too much about relationships when I have more pressing issues such as college and work, but I can't help but brood on the said three past relationships where it was a case of having "I love you" said to me, but not actually having them STAY in love with me. What makes it harder to cope with this is that a girl I know has told me that I'm "impossible to not love in one way or another".

My first girlfriend was possibly my longest relationship so far, standing at almost a full month. It went so fine, then all of a sudden it came to a screeching halt. She became more distant and cold, I asked what was wrong and she told me nothing was. Then two days later she told me that things were over between us. For almost a full two years I pined over her, yearning for a third (the first time around with her lasted only a day, would you believe) chance at happiness with her. But alas, she wouldn't budge. She simply loved me like a younger sister does an older brother.

My second girlfriend ended a bit more badly. After two weeks of going out, she said she wanted to be single for a while. Then the next day I find out from someone else that she's going out with another guy. That dealt a big blow to my ego, and I hated her for a long while after it, even though I still loved her too. We're now friends again.

The third relationship ended a bit more amicably. After about three weeks of going strong, we planned on meeting up for the first time (bear in mind she only lives an hour or so away from me). A spanner was thrown in the works when I found out I was needed at work the day I planned on meeting her, and she was upset about that. Since then, she grew more distant, and then one day admitted that she was beginning to fall in love with another guy. Seeing this as the beginning of the end, I voluntarily gave her up to this other guy. Once again (I'm actually getting used to saying this), needless to say, I still loved her for ages, even though she was in a somewhat loving relationship.

You would have thought that after all this, I would be nothing but a fool to fall in love for a fourth time. Well, I have. And she says she loves me too. Only trouble is, I have a hard time believing that she really does; I feel this is going to be yet another chapter in my book of unrequited love. This is another long-distance thing, but that doesn't matter to me... in my opinion, love can come from all angles; even if you've never met the person before, it can still hit you.

"I'm sorry, but I just don't love you that way" is bound to be the epitaph on my grave at this rate.

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Hang in there I know its tough! I have been in love many times with people who didn't love me back. Eventually you will find that special person.

Hang in there I know its tough! I have been in love many times with people who didn't love me back. Eventually you will find that special person.