The Love Was Only One Sided

I thought I found my shining prince when I was 21.
I was already a mother of one when I met him. The flaws were there already and it seemed he took it all on board.
He wooed me like no one else did and the attention was overwhelming. I felt like a little school girl with her first crush. It felt great to feel wanted and needed.
I fell pregnant with his daughter a few months after meeting, he seemed all right with it, stayed by my side, never doubted him when he was gone for weeks on end, because to me, he loved me.

When she was born, another side of him emerged. I couldnt understand this new side of him, I thought it was his late nights at work, or as he said, his family on his case.

I found out when she was one, that I was his mistress. He already had a wife that I did not know at all about. He already had another child. When I confronted him, he started to physically abuse me and threatened if I was to leave, I would not see my daughter ever again. So I forgave him in hope he would see the light and I kept on loving him. He told me he left his wife, that they wasnt even living together anymore, even with his family lying right there beside him.

I then gave birth to his son and the abuse got worse. I loved him with everything, knowing if I didnt I would not see my children again, that when I told him of my pain and sadness, his only response was to say if I left, he would hunt me down. I found out he was still with his wife, so in the middle of the night I left him and escaped.

He now has custody of my daughter, I fought hard and lost her, but managed by the skin of my teeth to keep my son. He had the support of a wife that tarnished me in court as a unwell mother, knowing that her husband is a woman beater. So yes I loved someone that did not love me back, all he loved was the power he had.
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Sweetheart didn't want to offend you... I appreciate you've crossed such a stage...<br />
Why should you love the one who is already with ONE ?<br />
One sided love or traffic may always cause accident in life....<br />
Love converts in lust only if it is two sided... Read me ... wanna add me? go ahead.. We talk more... I like to

I mean no offense by this. I respect you, what you went through, and the brave decisions you made. I'm damn proud. What I want to say is, I thought I had it bad. I was going to write about my experiences, but then I came across this... I'm literally speechless. I have no right to complain about what I've been through. Ya, been lied to, cheated on, used, etc. But nothing, I mean nothing, is as evil or demented as hitting a woman. Especially the mother of your child. I have no children, by choice. But if I did, hitting the mom wouldn't even cross through my head. Not in the slightest. And I don't care what I went through. If I could experience every horrible emotion and feeling just so you and other women wouldn't have to go through it, I would. I truly would. You women deserve so much.

I hate when that happens but you learn from it and then find somebody even better.

What an a**hole. Sorry, but that's all I can say about him.