Love Me From Afar

Of course it's unrequited love.  He's a married man.  21 years my senior. But what can I do? This disease called Unrequited Love struck me tremendously and unexpectedly.  I did not choose him to be the subject of my obsession.  He is a flirt, a manipulative man, crude, inconsiderate and insensitive, yet I've never, ever felt this way with another person before.  My feelings for him somtimes overwhelm me. :(

As much as i desperately want this to end, to find ANY reason to be turned off by him, my feelings just grow stronger each day.

Maybe it's the mixed signals I get from him that makes him incredibly addictive. The way he takes my hand into his, when he feels the fabric of my skirt, tenderly taking off lint from my hair, getting worried when I'm sick, gazing at me... then sometimes completely ignoring me, makes hostile remarks, is inconsiderate... then touches my elbow, looking at my face and my hair when talking to me... cutting off my conversation with another guy...saying he misses me.

I'm going crazy.  From the MOMENT I met him 2 years ago until now, I am sufferring from this disease.  No, I don't expect him to leave his wife for me, nor would I agree to being his mistress if he ever suggested this (he made a joke about this before)...I also just want him to love me from afar. 

Yesterday, I was seated next to him and I just want to touch his face and take his hand and place it against my cheek. :(

He probably knows I have feelings for him...he just doesn't know how STRONG.

I am SOOO in love with him. :(



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Girl you need to get a grip. This is not LOVE. You have an attachment and you are trying to have a need fulfilled by a person who only wants to toy with you. Girlfriend you have a really low opinion of yourself, no self love and no self respect. And this man is already married. That in and of itself should turn you off and his qualities that you describe should make you run for your life. You should never want to invest emotionally or commit to a person who is not capable of giving you the same. Learn to love yourself first! You will meet someone who can LOVE you only after you have prepared yourself. Much Love!

Hi!<br />
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Some men know how to manipulate women. I have been in your shoes and this went on for 3 YEARS! Until one day I happen to walk around a corner and there he was flirting with another woman. I had a conversation with another woman and it turns out he was flirting with 5 of us!<br />
<br />
Men like the feeling of being looked upon as being attractive. They will do this sometimes as they get older.<br />
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If there was something there. It would have happened by now!<br />
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MOVE ON..... Sorry :(

Talithacumi,<br />
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Sorry to say so, but this guy is playing you like a harp. His behavior is straight out of Seduction 101. <br />
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Go ahead, Google it if you don't believe me!

I don't know if you're old enough to know better, but I am assuming he is.<br />
Shame on him and if you don't get on with your life, shame on you.<br />
married..................................understand what that means, even if he doesn't

YOU SEEM TO BE INFATUATED WITH THIS MARRIED MAN because he knows he's being a ***** to you and doesn't care to even notice you in a sexual way...You like the negative attention, the torture and the selfishness that he stands not let him touch you again, your hand, your elbow, ask him to please not do that again because it bothers you and begin messing with his mind, see how he reacts....a married man is noone you want to mess with, MY GUY IS NOT FOR ANYONE LIKE YOU EITHER ....YOU HEAR?????? SO STOP THE BULLCRAP, get to work and forget this Dude who is mocking you, look somewhere else and find someone who can touch you in a loving way, really!!!

He will never leave his wife and family so you are looking at days, months and years of being alone on special occasions.<br />
Please, please start looking for someone who will really care for you, someone you can really share time with. Being 'the other woman' is a long and lonely road.

ur problem is indiscipline.u will rather have ur thoughts run wild.until u suffer physically for your inclination towards inordinate affection,you may not stop.when your heart has already gone on a trip ,how will it ever be at home to be met by someone both of u could mutually love each ur heart wit all dilligence for out of it comes the issues of life so says the scriptures.

Our emotions rock us. Can make us miserable. The battle is in the mind if we are willing to fight. Otherwise, we are vulnerable. Being a woman in an all male workplace has presented many temptations. But I am trying (and you could too) to view them (the temptations--not the men) as challenges to do the right thing. It will make you strong. Like working out. Nothing good comes without a struggle it seems. I've given in before, and tho it's WAY fun for awhile, it ends in pain and I'm trying to learn from the past and avoid pain. I hope you make it.

okay! Pull yourself together. Yourve got to stop doing this to yourself. you have no future with this man. your infatuated with him. You are romanticising every movement he makes. This is so unhealthy. You DO NOT LOVE THIS MAN AND YOU ARE NOT INLOVE WITH HIM. Please trust me i was in the same boat your just wasting your precious time FIND SOMEBODY THAT CAN LOVE YOU BACK. YOUR FEEDING YOUR HEART AND YOUR MIND WITH CHEESY ROMANCE. GET REAL. SORRY BUT I WORRY FOR YOU BECAUSE I WAS IN THE SAME BOAT. STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT.