**story Of Him**

There's this one girl that i had a crush on forever - (Peeta Mellark on Katniss Everdeen - Hunger Games)

Mah version - "There's this one guy that i had a crush on forever" But I’m pretty sure he didn’t know I was alive until today.... :(

It's been 12 years ago when i met -- this guy whom to considered my "forever crush"...Funny, but i knew right then and there that he will play a big part in my life. It all started when we (my childhood friends and I) became a choir member of their chapel. That is my chance to take a glimpse of him everytime he and his family attended the Saturday mass and that also to count my luckiest day on earth!... :) so from a simple crush turned into a beautiful feeling - (can this be love??? whheeeww!!!) maybe, maybe not!!
Crazy as it may sounds but i did a lot of stupid stuff just to get to know him... (grinning) :) I remember everything about him because of my stalking skills...hehehhe...well, let's just say that im really so into him during those times and see below CRAZY stuff in remembering him now. (after a decade of undying devotion)!!!! :)

"I remember everything about you. You're the one who wasn't paying attention.” - Peeta to Katniss

* his long hair
* his red cars - plate number? -
* when he drives his car
* when i accidentally saw him one summer night outside their house singing with his guitar. (he sounded sad :(
* everytime he attended the Sat mass
* when i saw him how sad he was during the death of his father -
* when he watched the basketball league together with his gf.. :( - jealous
* when his friend did the 3way calling - me shutting up on the other line while listening to them talking and he said something like "basyo ka pala pare eh"
* when everytime i called their house, looking for his sister and he's the one who answered the phone - (so kiliggggg)
* when i saw him cleaning his car - (happy)
* when one lucky morning i saw him while waiting for a bus/fx - (i was still in HS and he's in college)
* everytime we passed on their street -
* when he gatecrashed on my friend's 18th bday - feels like he's a celebrity when suddenly people got excited and happy
* his picture - if you look closely he's doing a dirty finger
* his course - Industrial Design @ UST
* his age - me 16, him 21 (that's why am so killiggg to the song called "Don't cry Joni" - feeling ko im Joni and he's my Jimmy - Jimmy please say you'll wait for me, ill grow up someday ull see, saving all my kisses just for you, sign of love forever true - till now it's true, saving it for him only!!!..aayiieee.....:):):) )
* when i saw my old classmate way back in elem inside his car - jealous!! :(
* pleased to hear that he knows how to play a guitar and drums - *_*
* when i heard the shocking news of him getting married - (tears) (sad)
* when i heard the heartbreaking news of the wedding is off - (tears) & (hope) - don't know the full details but one of his friend said that he's drinking while crying in a pouring rain
* when i saw him with his fiancee - pretty girl!! - jealous
* when i think of him as a good person, nice to be with, loyal, charming, brainy, musically inclined, honest, God-fearing, funny, family oriented,

"You are my sweetest downfall, i loved you first i loved you first
Your hair was long when we first met" - Samson song

Now, i can still feel the same kilig i had years ago. I never got a chance to see him now but it doesn't stop me to continue him being my inspiration as ever as he was. He may not be the tall, dark and handsome for the ideal man figure but to me, he will always be my small, cute and handsome ideal man that i used to adore a decade ago. (wink) (wink)

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Jul 29, 2012