After 33 Years

I met him in my sophomore year at college; I was 19, he was 18; he never got it that I had feelings for him; we spent every moment together, but never shared intimate moments; he told me at the close of that school year he was transferring to another school; our relationship promptly ended with no contact for 33 years; I recently found him thru an alumni registry and wrote an email to him; we have corresponded since January 2007; during this period, I revealed how I felt 33 years ago and he revealed he never knew, but stated he thinks never wants to lose me again.  My feelings for him are as alive today as they were 33 years ago.  We are both married and live 3000 miles apart.  For the future, I pray I will do always do the right thing.  
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1 Response Apr 29, 2007

Have you ever considered that maybe he isn't anymore the person he was 33 years ago? The mind and the body keep changing every living hour. Maybe you are clinging to the idea you have of him as a college boy and the distance between you and him helps you in not replacing it. Try to meet him. It may be worth the cost, because you both will have the chance to adjust your idea of each other.