Have You Been Through This?

I'm in love with a guy who says "I want to be with you eventually" ..talks to other girls...tells me he likes me..goes above and beyond for a birthday...can be a total *** especially when he's mad..and is very quick to point out my faults but none of his. He's not perfect but neither am I. My feelings have grown so much. I've had a thing for him but didn't turn real until we became actual friends that hung out and talked daily. So we progressed to more and 4 months later we are closer but not official. I don't want to be that person who gives ultimatums especially for a situation like this one. Will he ever want to be with me? I know his answers to my questions but am I being indenial of him not wanting to be with me because i have such strong feelings? He's always told me he wanted to take things slow. Well it's been 4 months now and I'm starting to get jealous of every girl he talks to whether it's a friend or a pic he looked at on fb. It's really terrible. Any advice ladies? And to the men, when guys say "eventually" does that mean never? Any feedback is appreciated! Thank you!
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Omg, I've had the same thing with guy I work with for 3 months. He was so hard to read and I would honestly do anything for him - I was crushing so bad! <br />
But then this summer I took some time away from him (no texting, facebook, anything). I realized, If he can't see how amazing I am right now, then I'm TOO good for him. <br />
<br />
It really helped to be away from him, while knocking the thoughts into my brain - cause then his cute face, hot body and sweet words wouldn't disturb me.

It sounds like the man enjoys your company. I am assuming you are physical. From my experience if a man tells you something then take it at face value. Men are very simple and, typically, what they say they mean. Don't try and analyze what he says. Enjoy the now time and see if it organically turns into something. With this being said...ultimatums will be a quick path to the end of whatever it is you two have. You need to keep dating and not make him your one and only. It doesn't sound like he has. If he really wanted just you...trust me..you will know it because he will be very clear about his intentions. Right now he does not see you as the one. Could this change...maybe...but you need to not allow him to become your addiction or you will be in for a lot of heartbreak and pain down the road. Go enjoy yourself until he asks you to be exclusive.

i am sorta in the same situation.. my ex said he wants to be with me again one day.. & he is my first love. yet, he flirts with other girls, and me at the same time, i should probably be takin gmyown advice here, but dont be a choice. & dont wait for too long. life is WAY too short to be waiting. there really is no better time than the present. if he is making you wait 4 months to be official with him, then you could have spen those 4 months with someone elses who would take you now, and forever. it's a hard situation really.just don't wait for too long. "hope for the best, expect the worst."

Haven't we all!!!