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Fell In Love But Can't Fall Out Of Love

since i entered high school,my whole life changed. there is this boy that i hated in the beginning for no reason and then i started liking him and then i fell in love with him. the first year almost nobody knew about me having a crush on that guy. but the second year i told to my closest friend and then he told him to some other friends and then many kids at school figured it out. some told me that even my crush knew it.then they started teasing me and stuff then some of my friends told me that he is interested in me but he is not sure of what he wants(i don't know if it's true). Now that i have lose hope, i just wanna get over him but i don't know how. i tried liking other guys but i couldn't. it is him that i want right now and it's him that i want to be with right now. it's just really hard to fall in love with somebody and that somebody doesn't love you back. it's just really hard and i don't know what to do. my friends tried to cheer me up but nothing. it's like i can't live without him but i know that someday i have to move on but i don't know when.
KriziaShines KriziaShines 16-17, F Aug 15, 2012

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