I met you, a gentle spark exploded far beyond the days of the near future. I fell for you, tripping over more than what laid on the path I walk on. I hurt for you, more than my heart could ever feel.

But its alright. Love should be unconditional. It only hurts much more to expect something in return and not get it back.

A kind of loving that is different from the rest.

I love you and I wish one day you'd feel the same, these are my instincts . I have gone beyond that.

As long as you are happy, I will resist my human nature. I am willing to stay by your side, to add colors to your life even if my skies are grey. Why? Because I love you enough to do so.

It hurts to get nothing but pushed myself beyond that. I accept that giving everything in exchange for nothing is still a good deal for I'll know I love you truly.

Selfish thoughts would want you to be mine, selfless thoughts would want you to attain happiness whether I am the reason or not.

As long as you are happy, I would bear the rest.

People might think I am crazy, not minding getting anything.

But this is love to me, to build your happiness in exchange for my never ending giving.

If its meant to be it shall be if not, there will be another path where I'll walk.

But for now, I love you so, you don't need to belong in my arms, my love for you is unconditional. I love for the sake of loving you.

I went across the tides , went across human nature, got to a point that will leave many puzzled.

I love you and its the thing that matters the most.

To love without a return, the highest form of a different kind of love.

Aleysia, may you attain the happiness you deserve. To love you unconditionally is a gift from the depths of my soul. It's free never needed to be returned. For a gift is not truly a gift if it is being returned in favor.
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1 Response Aug 15, 2012

thanks for inspiration for us the broken-hearted :)

You're welcome~ for we who never quit in love will never be losers.

indeed :) I am too in love with a guy who at first was friendly with me, then started hinting at things beyond friendship, then when I confessed that I had feelings for him - disappeared... I found him again after more than 2 years of not knowing anything about him... he didnt even remember who I was. But he wanted me. And I didnt say no. So he had me, I let him do whatever he wanted with me... and then he disappeared again. I guess all I can do is retreat to this distant loving. But ill never stop.

I'm glad you'll never stop. It must be so not easy through the years. I admire your patience and determination. May you one day win over his heart truly. Even if it happens another way, I hope love would be kind to you, for you, to receive what you deserve . :)