Ever Since I First Met Her

I met a girl over year and a half in a cheerleading competition at my school, and ever since i saw her I had a crush on her, we had a really good chat and we kept talking. Over the next half year we went out and talked almost every day, but nothing really happened. Then I told her I had a crush on her (even though at that point I felt I loved her) and that if she wanted to be my girlfriend... I got rejected as normally happens to me. For a month I tried to get over her but I couldnt. Then we started talking again and I tried on her again, I got rejected... Again... Then as weird as it sounds, we kept talking for over the next 4 months, as I resisted my love for her. About a month ago (from today) she got a new boyfriend (she told me she didnt wanted to have a boyfriend because she wasnt really comfortable being in a relationship) and I can't resist it anymore, I feel like I hate her and I love her at the same time and thats hurting me. I dont know If its trully love or just a weird addiction, but I feel like I need her. I really need some good advice about what should I do.
SCristanchoS SCristanchoS
18-21, M
Aug 19, 2012