Who knows what it feels like to stab your own heart to prevent it from going on the path it wants. Stabbing not because of your own wish but because a person you so deeply love, wishes and wants you to stop loving them.

I don't know if I can even stop myself from feeling what I feel. I reckon I can't ultimately. Thousands of tears represent uncountable emotions.

I feel like being torn and bleed to dry. I have been through 6 years of unrequited love by a few people. This time its the hardest blow and I can't believe 6 years back, at this moment I am hurting as well, when I was a teenager. 6 years and nothing changed, all the while I love truthfully. All this taught me, even with all my love I have, it's never enough. for things I never could control will break my soul, making me a broken person.
Inconditionnel Inconditionnel
Sep 11, 2012