It's All So Confusing

He's always so confusing, at one point it seems like he likes me and then at another point he seems like a complete douchebag who's just using me. I'm not sure with him anymore. I was sitting online in facebook and here's how our conversation went...

Him: Hey
Me: Hellaw
Him: Wanna play realm of the mad god?
Me: I'm sorry I'm kinda busy right now maybe later?
Him: Ok.

:| It really ****** me off when people reply with K or OK it's just so stupid because it completely ruins the conversation and that's basically all we said last night. Usually every night we have long conversations but I feel like because I'm a girl and I play video games all he really cares about is to have someone to hang out with online. I don't feel like he hangs out with me because he actually cares about me. I know he's a good person I've seen him helping people out and he's sort of helped me out before too because I get depressed easily. I really like him but last Sunday he told me that he's afraid to fall in love with me so I asked him why and he said "Dunno" : My bestfriend and I think it's just some bullshit excuse though, and if there is a bigger reason I want to know it because I doubt he's just afraid of falling in love with me just like that.
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4 Responses Sep 11, 2012

He just asked you to play a game with him. Most guys don't ask a girl to just play some girl unless he wants to make time with her etc. U said u were busy but then he said ok. Guys keep it simple and straight you can't play mind games if u like him tell him and if not then don't but if u wanna be careful then why didn't you just go make a bit of time to play a game with him otherwise you could've said I'm busy today but when are you free then we can play that game together then he can give you an answer when he is free so you both can spend time together.

Most guys give simple responses like that, they don't see anything wrong with it.Girls just want to keep the conversation going, they just want to get down to buisness.I think you should just keep your guard up if hes not giving you his all

Thanks, I'm doing that for now on.

Thank you, I suppose you are right.

I think that he's just not mature enough to know what love is or even fall in it yet, most guys aren't at this age. I know you love him but I wouldn't expect too much from a 16 year old guy.

He's not my age.