'he Abused My Love. . . '

It was novermeber of last year, his name will remane unknown but for this I will call him Mike.
So mike and I started talking on facebook and then we decided we would meet up and kiss. I really liked him and he was so hot, he was amazing to me at that time. He loved all these great sports like rugby, snowboarding and surfing. Mike had such good tatse in clothes and had a six-pack.
Well yeah, after we kissed, we moved on to other things, I didn't really know whether I want too move on so fast with him but it turned out he didn't like me the way I liked him.
After a while of being under his charm I decided I'd had enough, deleted his number and removed his as a friend on facebook.
Then a couple days before christmas he texted me saying sorry that he had been to busy to talk to me with work and that he missed me.. Once again I feel for him! What a stupid mistake!
Mike had went away for a week or two after christmas on a sking holiday, when he got back I was going out with someone else, but even still we picked up where we left off. - its is january 2012 now- yep I'd cheated, but it doesn't bother me much now because the person I was going out with did a lot worse on me.
After me and my ex broke up that week, me and mike had sex, on pancake tuesday (febuary now ). That's a whole different story. That weekend I met someone far more amazing that mike, that amazing person is my befriend who I'm still going out with.

But the main point of this story with a lot more detains, Mike used me to furfill his sexual needs, he didn't want anyone to know.
I always find my self running back to him. I can't get him out off my life. Just yesterday I text him, I tried to brush it off as if I didn't care about him, but tbh I want to be friends with him now. . . I did love him at one point but he abused my love. . .
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Sep 15, 2012