Lies Are Lies Even If There Small Or Big

I have a crush on someone. Well actually several crushes but this one is different. Jane, baby looks like this one is about you. I have a mojor crush on you, you know that. I told you I loved you,I wanted you SOO bad still do. I guess I messed it up when I lied about dating Rachel(a friend of mine,she doesn't even like me) but all I wanted was to make you jelous, but that day I lied you were going to ask me out, you told me when it was to late ...and it is my fault I don't have you because of a stupid lie! Its all my fault but I probably wouldn't have lied if you told me you felt the same, but no instead you used me. You had me on a string you knew I would do anything for you, anything so you hurt me not physicaly but mentally made me think I had to be better and now I'm blaming you but I shouldn't its my fault I still lied a lies a lie I hope you can forgive me someday. Jane I'm soo extremely sorry
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1 Response Sep 16, 2012

Um evrytime i try 2 mesage u tey say u dnt exep msgs 4rm underage members