Nice Lies

He told me nice lies.
I believed him and never asked why
He knew what I needed to hear.
Played my heart and mind to tears
He took my soul and it became his obsession
When I found out his lies, he saw my aggression
Real love never dies, they say
This love died as soon as he got laid
I wonder now what I did wrong
I played the part ( good woman) real strong
I guess I was too much women for him it would seem
Now he is alone, searching for another victim to blaspheme
Me? I learned my lesson well
I will soon climb out of my shell
I will bloom like a rose, for all to see
I will find someone worthy to love, just for me

JustcallmeCurly JustcallmeCurly
46-50, F
5 Responses Sep 17, 2012

GOOD FOR YOU! Keep moving forward! Be true to you!

You've beautifully expressed the pain a game playing egotist can inflict. Both sexes have these users; perhaps they'll find each other and those pure of heart will find a worthy love.

Thank you and welcome to my world, I hope you enjoy reading poetry and stories, I do write a lot of them. :-)

I'm enjoying your works very much. Thank you for sharing.

Nice Poetry, good luck and wish you the best,

Life gives us the lessons of pain. You hug yourself, and keep moving. Well written. Cheers..

same boat with me.