I Was Seven He Was Ten

We have loved each other for 60 years - he broke my heart once.  We are both single but I no longer feel we should be together as a couple.  Too much water has flown under the bridge.  He has a nice life without me and what if I ruined what he has going?  It is a scary thing.
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I would never want to mess anyone's life up, no matter what they did. We are still friends after all these years. I will always love him - I have a hard time casting people aside who have been kind to me or who were an important part of my life. He is a wonderful artist and now teaches art in the same school that thought he was a complete dolt and made him stay in at recess to study his spelling because he couldn't spell or read. He now teaches at that school and doesn't even have a college degree or teaching credential because his talent is so great. Revenge is a dish that is best served cold. <br />
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The house in Mexico sounds wonderful and maybe down the road I'll take you up on it. One of my favorite movies is The World According To Garp and I've read the book many times. Love John Irving - a great author.

I've only known you for a few days over this site but I've found a true beautiful person in you..Why would you care about messing up his life??? Geez I'd wait till he was crawling on his knees to come back and then kick him in the face! Lonely? I know lonely but don't let your guard down.. Ok maybe I'm wrong I've been married 3 times and this last one has lasted for 22 years and he is probably the worst so I don't know what I'm talking about I do know that if I out live him I'm taking everything I have and buying a house on the ocean, probably Mexico and it's for women.... just us girls that didn't get it quite right in the marriage thing. I have 2 maybe 3 ladies ready to go. Did you ever read "The World According to Garp" ?<br />
Well that's the house I want.