Remember Me

Why do you tease me?
Why do you lie?
Why do you make promises you don’t keep Why do I even try?

You tell me you want to be in love
and you say all the right things
Then you accuse me of lying and cheating Things I am innocent thereof

You say you have been hurt before
You say you want someone real
Not someone who keeps score
You say you want someone free from their past
Someone who you can depend on, at last

I chose you! Look at me, I am here!
I am not perfect but I am not undesirable either
I have no past that haunts me
I know how to love, I just have never been in love
I desire this with my whole heart and being
I want my soul mate, not a liar or a cheater

If you want to play games
Please leave me alone, for I am too old
If games are played on me, then I will grow cold
I don’t believe my soul mate would play them, or so I am told
he would just be breathtaking and bold

You mean too much to me to want to say good-bye even through all the deceit and lies
I can’t help but wonder, how things could have been
You took my breath away, now that is a sin

I care enough to let you go
All of this, I just wanted you to know
But know that I would have died for you
If only you would have loved me too

Your happiness is all that matters to me now
Be safe and happy and please always
Remember me.........

JustcallmeCurly JustcallmeCurly
46-50, F
2 Responses Sep 19, 2012

Could feel the longing in your words. The search for the one that will open themselves, and let us see what is real. Wish you the best in your quest.

Thank you for reading ~smiles

Wow I can relate to this. Loved this poem. It truly is deep and I felt your pain. Nice job

Thank you so much, my story seemed to fit the subject, life is like that some times eh?