Used And Tossed Aside

Back then when I was 16 , still a student , I had loved someone from the bottom of my heart. He first caught my attention when I saw him climbing up a tree to rescue my kitten stuck on one of the tree branches , despite the rough edges of the tree trunks , he discarded everything he had on hand and ascended the tree that were over two stories high. He was no tarzan , when he grabbed hold of my kitten , he fell on his back. Resulting in a fractured spine. Despite that , he still protected my kitty during his fall. Our relationship started shortly after.

I found out that he was a year my senior in school , which explained why I hadn't seen him around. However , his fractured spine took a toll on his body. He could only lie on the bed all day. And his parents were overseas working , so I took the initiative to nurse him back to health to repay him for rescuing my cat. Thus we got closer and closer together , until the day he fully recovered , he asked me to become his girlfriend. I was elated , I felt like I had everything in this world.

I knew he was no good guy and would often go to clubs to drink with his friends and dance with other girls , grinding their hips together and such. But I really loved him so I ignored all of his bad traits and would ignore or shout at people bad mouthing him. But little did I know that he was cheating on me the whole time..

Days went by , weeks flew past and the season changed. It was our six month anniversary and also , valentines day so I had planned to surprise him by telling him that I was not free to celebrate on that day. But what I really planned was to sneak up into his house ( he gave me his key ) and surprise him with my home made chocolate. I was no good cook and a chocolate that resembled a pile of dung was the best I could do but I thought he would appreciate it since I made it with my best efforts.

I opened the door slightly , not making any sound and sneaked up to his bedroom. His parents weren't around as usual due to their busy business ventures. I opened his closed room door and yelled surprise as I prepared to hug him. But my world was froze right in that instant.

On the bed was another girl that I have never set my eyes upon , straddling and riding him as he had a smug of a look on his face. When I opened the door , the two glanced at me before scrambling about. The girl then hid under the covers as he stammered , " Ying.. What are you doing here.. Wait.. I can explain this..!! "

The home made chocolate that I spent hours making fell onto the ground and broke into pieces as I ran out of his house as fast as I could. My first love had been cheating on me behind my back all this while. Beads of tears welled up in my eyes as I could hear him running towards me. He had donned some clothes and was frantically chasing after me , with a completely obvious bulge in his pants.

The rumors was true after all.. I thought as I ran inside the lift and closed the door. He pounded on the door as I descended. It felt like all of my life had left me and all the strings connecting to my body had been cut. My heart was wrenched open , not only by the fact that he was cheating on me but to have sex with another girl on his bed that we had so much fond memories on on our anniversary and valentines day.

From that day on , I didn't contacted him anymore. Although my heart was bleeding , I went over to his house and left his key below his doormat. He tried several times to talk to me , through the phone , coming to my house and searching for me in my class. But my parents shunned him away , threatening to call the police if he doesn't leave. This was the first time I ever seen my father that agitated , he looked like he could kill and my mum would be comforting me in the dark little corner of my room , weeping my eyes out.

And I have never believed in love ever again from that moment on. From what I heard from my school friends recently , he still had been seeing several girls. Guess my decision made to harden my heart and break up with him was a great idea from the get go..
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You are so strong , I hope and pray u find real love , it can be beautiful . He is the loser , he is the one that is the emotional vampire in life , I bet his name is john fitz.

Wow well he does not deserve you or any other nice girl -.-

Oh wow! That's harsh, and for it to be a bet :s
I can't imagine how hurt you are, but I do understand how it's like to not believe in love.
I guess we really do need to kiss a few frogs to find our prince in the end, but they do make it so hard on us don't they!! - anyway, I think you shouldn't harden your heart up completely, I mean even though I haven't yet met my match, I still believe there are some good guys out there.

This actually brought tears to my eyes. Love hurts and its sad when you give it your all and end up with nothing

Omg, I'm so sorry... I even started crying so I can just imagine the pain you had... Dx

The decision to break up, yes that was great. Harden your heart, well I understand, more than might know, but don't let your heart set in hardened mode. Hugs

According to me love and sexual desires are two very different may love someone truely from their heart and never b sexually attracted to them and vice versa.
Your guy was obviously cheating on you but i think you should have given him a chance to explain his part to you.i usually dont talk this way but i am saying this only because that guy fractured his spine trying to save your cat for god sake.but neways...whatever happens happens for good.hope you find your true love very soon.:-D

Ohh well then i take my words back.he was definately a son of a *****.forget that ******* *******.you deserve someone better.:-):-DXD

A sad story, but very well written:)