Wish He Had Loved Me

Me and my ex really loved each other we were perfect together. When we were together we never fought or argued once. We never started to become distant and we always wanted to spend time together and see each other. However one night he just wouldn't talk to me and when i managed to get him to talk he spoke about a few of his feeling then said its over i don't love you. I honestly believed that he loved me with all his heart as much as i loved him as much as i still love him. I'm completely broken without him knowing our relationship which i believed to be true was a lie and that he had never ever loved me is the hardest thing i have ver had to accept. Our relationship was never true and i find that so hard to accept i truly loved him always will but he never ever loved me but he will always be in my heart forever...i fell in love with someone that never loved me
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I understand very well how your feeling and what you've been through, its hard to accept it when you've been in a relationship which you find out was a lie, stay strong, your still young and still have a full future in front of you, and show him what hes missing. :) <3

thank you your comment mean a lot to me :)

<p>So sorry for your loss. I have a granddaughter your age so I have been around a long time. I still remember the first girl that broke my heart and it is so similar to your story. I was your age and I thought things were going soooo good. I had several girlfriends before, but I knew that this was it; the person that I would spend the rest of my life with. I tried and tried to get back with her, but it never happened. It hurt so bad, but I still have wonderful memories about when we were together. To this day I wonder what went wrong.<br />
On the brighter side I eventually got another girlfriend, or two, and eventually married another one. Last week we had our 45th wedding anniversary; so things can work out even if it is not the way we always wanted them to. Keep your heart open; even if it may get broken again.</P>

thank u that really does help loads