I Love Him, Therefore I'm Insane

I'm in love with him but he doesn't love me. We met years ago only once. Met again over the internet. I was atracted to his charm. He mafe no intention to persue me, but I felt that I denied myself in the way I couldn't stop harrasing him. Its poetic. I was trying to leave and divorce my husband who stol e from me countless times and abused me verbally. His wife of ten years with three kids and not to mention his first love and who he lost his virginity left him. And I'm just stuck with my fingers between my lips between my legs. I love him so much and he knows it. He drives me insane. He wants me to move to Florida... he wishes to move there one day... I just don't know what to do anymore. He still loves his ex wife, so I know he wouldn't love me-love me...
GiselaMaria8 GiselaMaria8
26-30, F
Sep 22, 2012