Here I Go Agian!

Here I go,I loved my cuz's Best friend till 2day he has A GF and he's no  hangin around my cuz or her friends BUT he told my cuz he likes me he called me and my cuz dum!!!!!!!!!!I told her I'll date my ex b4 I date him....I know he likes me cuz he kept my notes I wrote 2 him,,I'm sick of Guys doin me like that any girls or guys like this dont keep on trying 2 get the 1 ur in love with just find some1 eles that u know that likes u.........ITS HARD I KNOW!

love2singgurl love2singgurl
18-21, F
1 Response May 7, 2007

It's really hard to know what guys want from any girl,., Even if they have a girlfriend, they still try to find a little comfort or something from another girl,., They sometimes make us believe that they can leave their girlfriends for us, but they truly can't,., It's really hard but I know you can do it,., I know you will find someone who loves you even more,., And that someone will not have a girlfriend,., Have faith,.,