James Uesd to Love Me.

 Almost 5 years (one month short) James & I were together.  He used to love me so much.  For example, he would tell me things such as "I wish you & I had are own secret bubble under the ocean & we could just go there whenever we wanted." 

He was my best friend.  We were so much alike & yet vastly different.  His & my friends agreed that if I were a guy I'd be him & if he were a girl he'd be me.  Even our childhood was similiar as were our obsessions as children.  This might sound peculiar (but that is not my intention) but he was like my brother.  We were so in love.

Even about 1 month before he broke up w/ me he seemed to love me...even if it wasn't as much as he used to in the beginning.  And when I would worry about if his love was true or not he'd tell me "If I didn't love you, I wouldn't be with you."

And then on May 18 he broke up with me.  He just stopped loving me.  Just stopped.  And the worst part is, he broke up 3 days after my birthday (May 15) & 9 days after the anniversary of my Grandpa's death (May 9) whom I was extremely, extremely close to.

I guess what he always told me about "if he didn't love me, he wouldn't be with me" was true.  How can someone just STOP loving someone at the drop of the hat?

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Always dangerous when a guy says that.The response should be and I love you and only you,I live for you.Not If I did not love you I would not be here.The worst thing is you usually cannot get a relationship back to what it was.and if you know this ,as hard as it maybe you have to move on

sorry for your pain - but some guys are like that (not me). I have a friend who can do that. He says that he just one day realized it was not for him and so ended his relationship of 3 years just like you describe. Admittedly, he did find someone more suited for him and married her.....so maybe this will bring something better for you too....