He Never Loved Me.

We grew up together, he is a  best friend to my brothers so he is always around.I always had feelings for him as long as i can remember, but he was always with someone else he had never been good at relationships. I grew up got married had 2 children and still everytime i saw him I felt like i was supposd to be with him, u see I got married young i had a child with my husband  and it was what was right don't get me wrong i love him, but I had always been in love with the other guy. Well I went out one night we ended up sleepin together and we have been  for about 15 months now , I know i am sooo  in love with him, but he doesn't love me .He has said he does, but then he will say he doesn't i am so confused when it comes to him he is such a sweet person and he can make me feel so good , like 2 days ago we made love and now he is on a date and i know I am married so no i can't say much , but he know the situation. My parents love this man as if he were their son so it's not like i will never see him again he is a family friend.I don't know what to do, I know i need to let him go, but the hope of us being together just drives me crazy and i don't know how to just quit him. I have always loved him ,, but u see he only loved me when no one else was available and i just now see that.

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1 Response Jul 12, 2008

Just forgot him and love ur husband and ur children