I'm So In Love With Her :(



From the very first moment i saw her, i knew she's my soul mate, from the very first week together we were like one mind in two heads, when we talk time runs like the day is just a few seconds....

Both of us have absolutely no one but each other, we care and love each other alot, we share stories and secrets, coz we're best Friends....

The problem is that she always considers me as a friend and nothing more, i know i'm not that handsome or athletic, but i always hoped that she'd love me as her future husband, not just a friend...

Now she's getting married to someone she loves, and believe it or not i'm so happy for her coz she's the only girl i wanna be with and the only one that her happiness is more important than mine, even though i pray every day that she ends up with me, but day after day she falls in love and comes to tell me about it... and as usual i give her my advice as if I'm just a friend and nothing more...

I wish her happiness and peace in her future, she deserves them after all what'd happened to her in the past, and i hope that she'd at least remain my best friend and to always be a reason of her happiness... I TRULY DO LOVE U NEVO AND CAN'T IMAGINE MY LIFE WITHOUT U (F)(F)(F)

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7 Responses Jul 14, 2008

i sent her a msg askin her to think of the possibility of us being together, my god, how needy :s<br />
right now i'm waiting for her answer hoping for something never gonna happen :'(<br />
God Be With Me :'(

i told her, and as i said, we're just friends, brother and sister :s<br />
but she's gonna get married and of course she can't have both of us, and as u can see, she already chosen him :s<br />
i hope her happiness and peace, and hope to forget her very quickly when she's away :S

Does anyone think i should tell her about my feelings??

Dude, I hate to be the bearer of bad news...and maybe you two ARE different (I would love to think so), but I spent 8 years, from 16 to 24, being in an on-and-off pining-for-her-but-being-with-others relationship/friendship with this one particular girl; the girl who opened my eyes to the world. I would let her know often, and sooner or later I plan to write about her here. <br />
To get right to the end: when I got out of the military, we got together, I spent 3 wonderful bliss-filled months that I had only dreamed of for 7 years with her, it was everything I could've dreamed of.<br />
But in the end it didn't work out. I had to move back home (500 miles) to my parents (ugh! at 23!) for a few months to put my life back together.<br />
Now I have nothing but bitter angst attached to that woman. We were such awesome friends too, so much it really makes me sad the few times it slams back into my memories and my heart. <br />
I guess it's a good question of "better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all" kinda scenario...I'm just saying be careful, if things go farther, there is a GOOD chance that breaking up will be extremely emotionally costly to one or the other if 'friendship' remains an option post-relationship.

How come guys, she's my best friend, i see, talk and chat with her all the time, don't tell me i'd have to not be friends with her, i can't simply say she's not my friend anymore!!

I agree with Cheer. Please move on and find your own life and love. I know it's hard, but you'll be more at peace.

aww :-) I hope you find someone. But perhaps it's time to let go... I'd hate to see another person stuck being sad and alone. Open yourself up to new possibilities if you can.