Guys Are Soo Frustrating..

I just dont understand them.. i always like the ones that never like me back it sucks to not be loved back. Like right now this guy flirts and flirts and flirts i finally reach out to him and he like totally ignore me.. uggghhh
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4 Responses May 14, 2007

You always look for Mr. Right. Why not give chance to Mr. Wrong?

Sounds like the guys are learning from the girls and just playing there games.

I'm a boy and I have to agree on that very many boys are like that, but don't lose hope, there are boys that are not "Onions"! [For example me :P], just continue looking, don't let your heart be broken whenever that happens. Life must go on! =)<br />
You'll find someone that loves you back eventually!

Guys really have almost the same characteristic,., They make girls believe that they like them, when they really don't,., And that really sucks, a lot! I received a text message from one of my friends and it said: "Boys are like ONIONS; they add taste and spice to girls' lives but just like onions, they make girls cry." It's true, right?