The Guy Who Couldn't Careless

There was once a guy, I loved him more then anything. Its wierd how your attracted to someone you hardly even knew. He was a friend of my cousins and we went biking once, he was there and he was kinda nice to me..not mean at all. Then a year later he started going to my highschool he was a year older. I didn't get a long with some of the kids at school, they started saying things like I stalked him and stuff like that. But I never did - I wouldn't watch over him or anything, he has his life and i knew that. Anyways people told him that and imagined me to be that way. A friend of mine which i'm sometimes not sure why I'm even her friend told him at this dance that i wanted to dance with him. Which wasn't true - i mean I knew he would say no right away anyways. But she still asked no matter how much I told her not to. Then he said no cause i'm ugly 'funny now I'm going into modeling' anyways he said no i'm ugly blah blah. And then half hour later he throws water on my clothes. Which was really rude but whatever, anyways me being myself. Still liked him. After all, thats not good about him I know I could do better but something within me couldn't let him go - i don't its hard to explain but i guess thats love. Anyways He smoked, a big pothead, steals, trouble with cops, goes to school 2x a week. If i actualy became in a relashionship with him it would of most likely been abusive. But after all the bad he is - I Love Him <3 But I'll half to move on

hunnynut66 hunnynut66
Jul 23, 2008