There this boy that goes to me school and i do really like him,well i think i do.I have heard so many things about him and whats he has done to other girls,i don't care about them.Me and him were so close and he was making me feel like i was his,he called me cute names like baby and made me feel nice about my self,no other boy has every made me feel nice about my self never. We talked everyday and we got along so much,we could of talked all day and never get bored of each other.He called me his girlfriend and called him my boyfriends and life was going all good.In the end we just stopped talking i guess we both didn't have time anymore.We planned to meet up yet that never happened.I see him a school everyday and i see him talking to other girls and i get down about it,i guess i done like seeing the boy i like speaking to other people,not many people understand me,there only one person who knows what im on about she is my bestfriend,she helps me with everything she always puts a smile on my face.I try moving on from me but there something inside me saying i can't and i don't what it is.I am a shy girl when he comes to him i want to talk to him yet i can't words just don't come out when i try to talk to him.I just wish he would know how much i like him, and how upset he has got me.If only he knew then he might think different and how i feel about this.
iknewyouweretrouble iknewyouweretrouble
13-15, F
Nov 27, 2012