I Hate That I Love You

I'd just lost my dad, I was in so much pain. I met him 3 months after, i had too much to drink and lost my v to him. We became friends afterwards. I needed someone in my life, I was so lonely, me knew I loved him, sometimes he said he loved me back but he kept using me and standing me up. He made me feel like I was special that we were really close friends, he even introduced me to his family and welcomed me, he even introduced me as his girlfriend sometimes. That's been going on for two and a half years now. After not talking to him for about two week because wasn't answering my texts. He called me last weekend to ask me for a lift, I did it thinking we were friends after all but as soon as he got what he wanted he left me there and went of with someone else. I got so mad at him I text him "I hate you" and his reply was " don't hate me". I'm fighting really hard to forget him because I finally realized I couldn't love him anymore
IamVal IamVal
22-25, F
Nov 28, 2012