She's A Year Younger To Me.

She's a year younger to me. I'm in 10th, she's in 9th. We currently are really good friends. We always talk to each other on FB chat and we text regularly. It's like my daily quota to text her Atleast 4-5 times in a day.

I never get bored talking to her. If the topic gets boring, we suddenly switch it. I was once texting her till 2:30 AM. THAT'S REALLY BIG.

One day, we were talking about such a topic about liking and all, when I broke all the odds, and told her I liked her. She was the first girl I told I liked her. Never had the confidence to say it to the other girls.

She said that i was a really sweet guy, And she didn't wanna lose a friend like me, but she wasn't really for a relationship. i was like ok yeah i understand. I still talk to her regularly.
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Dude, keep the communication up & you may see that in the end, it was better to just be friends. High school is funny. In the sense that you feel so deeply, but no one is ever really ready for love. Love must be supported. So, live with a light heartedness about you, find your mission in life, be independent & get to the point where you don't need anybodies help & then it will happen. Love that can actually become something that is real, mature & pure. Trust me, I've loved & lost, because I hadn't done the self work to be the independently free man that could foster the love she & I had for each other. Because there were always problems of some sort, housing, finances, employment, distractions, etc. Be a great friend to all those you meet & if you become romantically interested in one or another, then preserve the possibility for it becoming more than just friendship, by focusing your attention on being independent; so that you could possibly get with them. Keep her involved in your life decision making process, women love to feel like their opinion actually matters to you. You can show them that it does matter&that they matter to you, by actually acting upon their input. But never betray what Your Gut Instinct tells you. That's the influence you should listen to most.


I was near her building once, so I thought of meeting her. I waited a whole hour for her, sent her 20 sms'. She was sleeping.

I'll be going to 11th and 12th soon.. I'll be changing schools. I might never meet her again.

I might meet some other girl, become good friends with her.

"It is Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"