I Love You

I love you!
Those are the three words that can move a relationship to a much higher plain or totally destroy it:
Is that not strange?
I love you.
I have very deep feelings for you
I would like to hear what feelings you have for me.
You never will.
Not really,
Not at this stage of the game.
You have made the grand initial step
You have cast the line.
The return you get is conjecture.
You hope
You wish
Believe, with all your heart that what you want will happen.
Never, ever say those words out of pure passion or without
Much forethought. Once said ; they can not be taken back.
Just like “I hate You”
Words of deep emotion should not be uttered lightly.
There are few people in my life I love.
Those that I do:
I will Love forever
With much forethought; I will love you forever.
brokerichard brokerichard
56-60, M
3 Responses Nov 28, 2012

I told someone that I'm in love with them and that I hate them at the same time. As you can predict, that person doesn't talk to me anymore. Probably thinks I'm a freak or something. How pleasant.

WoW...So very good..:)

Thank you...

loved this!!!

I am glad you did...