Creating The Unknown Chemical Formula Of Love From Friendship

chemistry class way back January 2007, he sat next to me.
i don't fully understand the following circumstances because we we're supposed to be alphabetically arranged, then again, i like sitting on the leftmost and farthest part or the room during that time, so i wan't able to follow the rules as well.

school has always been tough, monotonous life was what i had. school-house, house to school.
when that day he told me we'll be seatmates things changed.

i went home an hour later than what i used to for the past entire years of my school-aged life, i learned to talk with guys comfortably for the first time, we ate and talked, meet each other's family, always will be groupmates and seatmates in 11 classes, he gives me chocolates, we make homeworks together and even study together before exams.

basically he was the first man to make me feel like a woman, a friend, and a special person.
we call each other special friends not knowing how deep the word meant.

so yes, he protected me in ways he can, he even protected me from my loved ones who try to hurt me, the midnight talks of security and late morning texts of appreciation makes my heart grow fonder.

high school ended, we went to different universities, barely catching up with one another.

i figured out he already had a girlfriend, seeing their photos together made my eyes teary at an instant. like the speed of 1 millisecond. hehe. :P kidding, but seriously tears rolled down fast.

and one time by August 2009, i discovered my cellphone network offers unlimited call,
i dialled his number and hearing each other's voices made me feel that overwhelming feeling of longing and sadness.

he even cried and said the same thing as well that he misses me times ten to the nth power where 'n' is any positive integer.

then again, we haven't been together in a romantic way, we didn't even discuss other relationships aside from being friends. at present we know each other exists and we both know each one is doing his/her best as well. we both keep ourselves happy and focused on each other's priorities.

friends, that's all we'll ever be.
just a maybe.

i'm a very hopeful person, I don't know what God has in store for my love life anyway, but i bet it's gonna be the best.
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I hope things work out. You guys sound like you're destined to be together! :-)

Not so happy ending? Why?

Do you think he found someone else?

Does he know you still have deep feelings for him?

Aww! :-(

It's ok. lol

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