Being In Love By Yourself

Have you ever found yourself with someone that you have been with for a long time and you thought that they had the same feelings for you like you had for them. I personally must say that i have had this experience many times and it is not a good feeling at all. It is almost like you are dating your self. I mean i dont get if you arent in love with someone or have strong feelings for them then why be with. It leaves one being in love by yourself
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3 Responses Dec 1, 2012

i've had ONE 15 year long serious relationship with someone just like that. he lied right to my face often when i thinl back and yes, i ask "why"? why "offer" all the i love you's like no other, want to grow old with you etc? why offer those words when theres no pressure, i did not ask him or pressure him for those words? yea, i know what it feels like..sure i do..and..its ****** up

Love myself when nobody else will. When it is put like that it helps ease my pain. I got past both of my exes and all it took was time and dedication of getting past it. Changing my routine so things weren't the same as when I was with them. I don't understand why someone stays with another when they know the other person is in love with them and they just lead you on. They originally had the same feelings but somehow they lost them.

a time or two.. Or two dozen.. It sucks. You'll pull through and know the right thing to do.