The Charming Neighbor

The sky was blue, & the sun was shining. It was the last day of my 8th grade year. I remember getting off the bus, estatic that the summer was about to begin. My bus stop was at the end of my street. As I was walking from my bus stop, I noticed a young man getting something from his car. Being at the age where girls are considered to be "boy crazy", it would be no surprise to most people that this attractive young man caught my attention. Though, when he had caught my stare, & our eyes connected, something happened. I felt something inside of my body, that I had never felt before. It was so much more than him just being attractive. I was puzzled by the fact that I had seen plenty of attractive young men to catch my eye, I could not fathom why this one was different. I wanted more from him. I wanted to get to know him. That summer had passed as quickly as my Freshman year of high school had begun. That is where I had officially met the man who changed my life forever. We had bumped into eachother a few times, until he had finally recognized that we were neighbors. We had a few brief conversations at school, but it was never enough. I craved more from him. I had finally made the initiative to spend time with him outside of school. I will never forget the first day we hung out. The skies were gray, winter was slowly taking over, leaving the air with a chill, & dried leaves falling to their demise, only to be raked, & thrown into a burn pile. We had both agreed to take a walk around the neighborhood,only to talk, & get to know eachother more. I will never forget the color of his eyes. It was like peering into the cosmos. I was hypnotized. Within the hour we spent together, he had opened my mind up to things I had never been exposed to before. It was the start of my strong spirituality which I carry now. He had taught me to appreciate nature. To take life with a sense of adventure, & a sense of enjoyment. From the point on, I was mesmerized by him. In a sense, he was like a teacher I had never had. Though as time went on I wanted more, & more. We had eventually exchanged numbers, & our conversations had went from there. Our conversations became shorter, & shorter. Eventually we stopped talking all together. It's not that I had forgotten about him, infact it was quite opposite. The year had quickly passed, & he graduated & left the school. Living so close I was left with reminder of everything he had taught me, everything he had made me feel. It had gotten to the point where the sight of him would make my heart race, my bones shake. For 3 1/2 years I had strived to get his attention. Hoping that he would notice, & try to spark up conversation. I had made it to my last few weeks of my Senior year in high school. To my ultimate surprise the universe had lined up to where we ended up reconnecting again. I graduated from high school, & we spent so many days of the summer spending time together. He took me fishing for the 1st time. He taught me how to skip stones at the beach. He even taught me how to play pool. Everything that was happening seemed to be so surreal to me. I ended up falling for him even more than I had four years prior. Though just like my Freshman year, he had started to lose interest once again, I eventually couldn't fit into his plans. He had eventually gave his time & attention to other people. I was no longer important in his life. I had never felt a pain so deep. I always thought that he would fall in love with me, as much as I did for him. I had waited so long, only to be let down again. I was so sure that he was my other half. No other man I had been with, made me feel the way he did. As of now, we occasionally talk. I am always the one who has to initiate the conversation, only for him to end it, as soon as it begins. Though I would rather have him in my life as once-a-week-conversation, than not have him in my life at all. There will never be another man who makes my heart race the way he does, the unconditional love I feel when I look into his cosmic eyes. He will forever be the one who "got away". That is my story.
kristinmw kristinmw
18-21, F
Dec 2, 2012