Xxx And Still Counting...

never been luvd by them whom i've ever luvd.....hesitant and a bit of a recluse where it comes down to expressing my feelings, i agree. But met with too many dissapointments down d lane and thus don't wanna take dat plunge again....foolish u'd say. pessimism has become a way of life for me....'cause i believe dat if u have no expectations u'd know no dissapointments. almost fearful of falling in luv again....i fear dat dat i'll be passed over for a friend 'again'. falling in luv is a beautiful feeling...euphoric, u wake up looking forward to the day. But then when u's like this never-ending black pit which swallows ur whole self not withstanding ur ego...ur worth...and u r holed up in this quagmire of self before d storm of disappointments manage to annihilate me completely i've decided upon a battleplan...... Leave the battleground while u still have sum dignity left ! wish i cud be a narcissist, atleast den i'd ve had the constant company of my luv !
dunnome dunnome
Dec 12, 2012